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Outline – Conditions of use of the site

The society Sport Lodges uses the site sport-lodges.com.

The site Sport Lodges is a community of private information and provides a link between the most beautiful Lodges selected from around the world to a public who are passionate about sports and leisure.

The site Sport Lodges look’s for lodges which correspond to the following criteria:

  • Large enough to ensure a convivial ambiance,
  • Integration of the lodge into its surrounding environment,
  • The proposal of activities.

The objective of sport-lodges.com is to successfully meet the needs of visitors to the site, hereby named “Guests”, by offering a selection of Lodges provided by and intended for sport and leisure enthusiasts.

Article 1 – Objectives

Whilst visiting the site, the visitor can have access to:

  • Information about the selected lodge,
  • Any promotions proposed by the lodge and reserved for guests only,
  • A direct reservation service with the lodge,

You can also publish lodge reviews and suggest any new Lodges.

These reviews are put on the site after being verified by the Lodge owner/site editor and Sport Lodges reserves publication rights.

Users are to respect the general terms and conditions of the site.

Article 2 – Information available on the site

The information presented on the site, is the information received from the owners of the Lodge.

Each Lodge is responsible to provide precise, complete and exact information to be published on the site, including their tariffs and availability.

Sport-lodges.com endeavours to provide a quality service but is unable to measure, check, or offer a certitude guarantee of all the information which has been provided directly by the Lodge.

It’s because of this that Guest reviews are important, in order to confirm that the information provided by the Lodge corresponds to guests holiday experience.

However, the site, sport-lodges.com relies on the honesty of the ratings, certificates of excellence or recommendations that are provided by the Guests.

The photos are provided by the Lodges, as well as the descriptions, and remain the property of the Lodge. Sport-lodges.com cannot be held responsible for the incorrect use of the authors copyrights.

Article 3 – Reservations

The Guest can reserve their stay directly with the Lodge or we can reserve their stay for them in their name.

In effect sport-lodges.com offers a personalised, tailor made reservation service.

Sport-lodges.com cannot manage transport and transfers or provide train or aeroplane tickets.

Article 4 – Payment to sport-lodges.com

The service of sport-lodges.com is free to visitors and serves as an access or a direct link to the Lodges.

However, if the user wishes to benefit from the assistance of a personalised reservation service, in this circumstance and only in this circumstance, sport-lodges.com will invoice a maximum of 90 euro’s per booking whatever the number of people booking.

In the event of a cancellation of the booking by the Guest, the invoice must be paid, except in the case of an uncontrollable event defined in article 11.

Article 5 – Obligation of the visitor

By placing a reservation via sport-lodges.com, the Guest is engaging in a contractual relation with the Lodge where they have booked.
From the moment that the guest reserves via sport-lodges.com, using their personalised reservation service, sport-lodges.com acts uniquely as a intermediary between the visitor and the Lodge, by transmitting the details of their booking to the Lodge and by sending an e mail to the visitor confirming their booking at the Lodge.

Article 6 – The limit of responsibility of sport-lodges.com

Sport-lodges.com cannot be held responsible for any problems encountered during their stay. Only the Lodge can be held responsible for any problems encountered during their stay.

Only the Lodge can be held responsible, notably in the case of imprecise information, false or incorrect or a lack of information.

Sport-lodges.com cannot be held responsible in the event of any errors with the reservation made by sport-lodges.com or a lack of information concerning:

  • the type of accommodation chosen,
  • the reservation of equipment or activities,
  • the dates chosen.

Furthermore, sport-lodges.com cannot be held responsible for the unavailability of the site internet.

In any event the visitor cannot hold the site responsible for any amount superior to the amount paid for the reservation by sport-lodges.com.

Article 7 – Reviews

All guests, after having stayed at a Lodge listed by sport-lodges.com, can leave a review on the site.

The guest must remain objective and precise in relation to the Lodge.

For this reason sport-lodges.com will verify all reviews.

Sport-lodges.com has the right to edit or erase a review after an investigation of the circumstances has been carried out.

Information regarding any editing will be brought to the attention of the Guests.

Article 8 – Exceptions

All Guests can be excluded without notice and without compensation if they violate the general terms and conditions of the site or if any complaints are received from the Lodge regarding the behaviour of the guest.

Article 9 – Confidentiality of personal data

Sport-lodges.com respects the personal data of its Guests.

The Guest is responsible for the conformity of their personal details given to the site (valid e mail address, telephone number and name etc).

However, the Guest accepts that their personal data will be given to the Lodges for commercial use.

All Guests to the site sport-lodges.com accept to receive emails from the site/or affiliated lodges whether a reservation is made or not.

Article 10 – Disagreements

Any disagreements with sport-lodges.com should be communicated within a 30 day delay under penalty of foreclosure.

Article 11 – Force majeure (uncontrollable events)

The site or the Guests are not liable in the event of an uncontrollable event or force majeure, defined as any event unpredicted, out of human control and as a result of circumstances exterior to the two parties, making the contract impossible to keep.

The unavailability of the site, and that of the accommodations, will be considered as a force majeure.

In the occurrence of a force majeure all contractual relations will be suspended until the passing, extinction or ending of the force majeure. However the contract will start again within a delay of 30 days after the ending of the force majeure and the parties will come together to discuss their contractual agreements.

In the case of a breakdown in communications, the contractual relation will end forthwith, with no compensation awarded to any party. By registered letter, with a return receipt to the postal address of the other party.

Article 12 – Jurisdictional competence

All legal disputes that may arise from the terms and conditions of the site will be brought to the Commercial court in Paris.

Article 13 – Governing law

All litigation relating to the terms and conditions of the site is governed by the laws and regulations of the French republic.

Article 14 – Miscellaneous

The invalidity of any one of the stipulations of the present terms and conditions or its ancillaries will lead to its cancellation if the disputed clause is considered substantial and an essential condition of the contract in the eyes of both parties.

Article 15 – Election of domicile

The parties elect their domicile at their respective addresses.

All modifications must be indicated by registered letter with a return receipt to the other party.

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