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What is a Lodge? The design, eco-chic and untouched …


The word Lodge in English can mean the pavilion, the chalet, the cabin, the building and also the hotel.
It’s also a verb which means to be lodged or to be accommodated.

The definition

A Lodge is a hotel establishment, of a small size, integrated into its surrounding environment, which combines a feeling of Zen and conviviality, where the practice of one or a number of activities makes the complex both original and indispensable.

The Sport Lodges Awards to our Lodge partners

We have selected for you all the best addresses.

The sport Lodges community awards, or not, a certificate of excellence to each Lodge partner after they have received positive reviews from our members and with the condition that the Lodge respects our quality charter.

Sport Lodges is therefore a brand, a gauge of quality for your next trip.

Each Lodge is sponsored by a sportsperson, an adventurer or an epicurean character who organises the sessions.

Be part of a community, where you can reserve your stay the same time as the sponsor of each Lodge.

Our quality charter

Our role is before everything else is to advise you, before, during and after your stay.

All our Lodges are visited regularly by our members all over the world.

Handpicked, each Lodge is selected in function with the activities it proposes to its guests.

The Lodges must adhere to the following criteria the quality of the accommodation, the comfort, the decoration, the size, the conviviality and its integration into the environment.

We also give you our opinion on the quality of the sports equipment, the infrastructure and the activity’s staff.

We do our upmost to ensure that you are satisfied.

Protecting and respecting the environment

To minimise its impact on the environment: each Lodge takes part in ecotourism or responsible tourism.

The site uses renewable energies (solar electric, wind or water power …) the Lodge favours the use of sustainable development, limits the amount of waste produced (recycling of waste) and ensures the use of alternative resources (using rain water, recycling, …).

The Lodge’s objectives among others:

  • To preserve the flora and fauna,
  • To favour the local economy and encourage tourists to respect the environment,
  • To limit the environmental impact by recycling waste,
  • To control energy consummation by favouring local suppliers and renewable sources,
  • To integrate perfectly into its surroundings: from the start of its conception and bit by bit its evolution.
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